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What Are The Different Types Of Muslin Backdrops?

Muslin is one of the most common backdrop materials used by photographers for formal portrait backgrounds. You'll find this style being used with newborn, high school senior, family, product, and corporate photo sessions. This is a time-honored fabric that is frequently in demand.

All Muslin Backdrops have a complimentary 3 inch hemmed loop along the top width of the backdrop. Easily slide a crossbar through the hemmed loop for hanging.

Stonewash Muslin Backdrops

Stonewashed muslins are painted onto a lightweight material and then washed to achieve a lightly worn look. They provide a washed or faded affect. Stonewash muslins do not have the deep mottling that a hand painted muslin would have, however they tend to be softer. Denny Mfg. uses only the best cotton muslin fabric. Each piece is made in America, created by a team of experts, and is handled and shipped with care.

Hand Painted Muslin Backdrops

These are timeless, one-of-a-kind backdrops that have been customer favorites for decades. Hand painted muslin backdrops are stretched across a frame and hand-painted with fabric paint, thus making them washable. They tend to be heavier and stiffer than other types of muslin backdrops. Wash in a commercial front loading machine with cold water and hang to dry. 

Hand painted backdrops are also available in other materials, such as Canvas and Twist-Flex. Browse all Hand Painted Backdrops.  

Hand Painted Muslins feature two styles, Old Master Muslins and Solid Colored Muslins. Note that all Master Muslins are painted according to the PRODUCT shot shown in the most current published catalog and not the usage shots shown on the website or published in the catalog. 

Quickship Muslin Backdrops

Why wait when you can have a brand new muslin backdrop within days instead of weeks? Quickship products are conveniently shipped to your home or business within several days. We created this category for busy photographers with demanding schedules! Quickship muslins are not washable. Remember to handle with care.

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