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Questions? Call Us 1-800-844-5616

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How to Clean Your Backdrops

Caring for your photography backdrops properly will extend the life of your backdrop dramatically. Each style of backdrop should be stored properly when not in use. Please read below for care instructions on each style of photographic background.

Freedom Cloth Backdrops:Wrinkle free soft fabric printed backdrops can be stored rolled or folded and are both washable and dryer safe. To remove any creases from shipping or storage these backdrops can be lightly steamed or placed in a regular household dryer with fabric softener.

Canvas Backdrops:Canvas should always be rolled for storage. Canvas material has a memory and any hard creases or folds will not come out. Extra precaution should be taken when hanging or storing this style of photographic backdrop. To clean only use a slightly damp cloth.  Do not use excessive pressure when cleaning. If you happen to get a small crease you can lay the backdrop flat on the ground and use a low temp setting on an iron and lightly try to smooth the back side.  Canvas backdrops will arrive with Velcro straps for easy storage. Canvas with wood mounting is always best to store vertically when possible.

Vinyl Backdrops: Vinyl photography backdrops also should be stored rolled on a cardboard tube.  Do not crease or fold this style of backdrop. If vinyl is printed lightly clean with a damp lint free cloth.  If it is a solid color vinyl backdrop, then you can use a mild all purpose spray cleanser such as Windex or 409 to remove scuff marks. It is always best to store vinyl rolled and stand it up vertically when possible.

Collapsible Pop Up Twist Flex:Collapsible backdrops should be stored in the carrying case provided with your backdrop. Clean with a damp cloth when needed.

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