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Manual Photo Backdrop Hanging Lift System - MBL Lift System Instructions

Click here to download the MBL Lift System Instructions in .pdf format.

1) For wall mounting: Mount gear end assembly on the right side using 3 1/2" or larger lag bolts or standard hex head bolts (not included) to studs or beams. The small bracket may be removed to mark bolt holes for pre-drilling.

2) For ceiling mounting: remove the small angle mounting bracket and remount to top of the plates.

3) Mount bearing plate the same way in a parallel position to the gear plate at a distance of 4 1/2" plus size of the roller between the two plates. For example, for a 10’ roller system there should be 10’ 4 1/between the inside of the one plate to the inside of the other plate. For 12’ rollers, distance is 12’4 1/2" so on.

4) Lay the photo backdrop on the floor with the painted side up. Put the roller on the top and curl the canvas around the roller with the drive end of the roller on the right side.

5) Attach the background to the roller using 3" strips of 2" duct tape every 18" across the seam – starting middle and working towards each end again, pull solid strips of tape twice along the seam to seal the background to the roller. Roll the background up by hand.

6) Insert the left end into the bearing plate all the way and slide the opposite end to the right onto the motor shaft, rotating the roller to fit the slot on the shaft.

7) Insert the hitch pins all the way through the small hole in the roller end passing through the notch in the shaft.

8) Install the long 1/4" threaded rod between t6hetop outside corners of each plate to keep the system stable. This is to prevent the plates from separating while rolling backgrounds up and down. (NOTE: there is a normally about a 2" sag in this rod when properly installed.)

Note: In referring to the right side, we mean the right side as you face the set up from the camera.

When rolling up backgrounds SLOWLY turn hand crank so that the gear may lock in place properly.


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