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Questions? Call Us 1-800-844-5616

Questions? Call Us 1-800-844-5616

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Tips for Hanging Backdrops

There are many ways you can hang a photography backdrop! First, you should take into consideration the size and material of the backdrop.  For larger backdrops, no matter the material,  its always best to use a portable backdrop stand.  Not only will backdrop stands save you money and time, your backdrop will hang evenly and will help produce more professional looking results. Canvas backdrops all come with complimentary wood mounting which have three holes drilled in the top wood, which makes them ready to hang using any of our backdrop stands. The soft fabric backdrops will arrive with a top sewn pole pocket across the width of the backdrop so you can simply slip a crossbar through the top and have your backdrop ready to shoot in just minutes when using a backdrop stand.

Backdrop stands are a necessary piece of equipment for photographers who need to shoot in a variety of locations. The best portable backdrop stands can be adjusted to a variety of heights and widths. All of our backdrop stand kits come with two stands, carrying case, and a crossbar that can support a cloth backdrop, vinyl backdrop, muslin backdrop, or a poly paper backdrop. Safely hang your photo backdrop by either slipping the top of the backdrop through a pole pocket or by holding with clamps on each end. A crossbar will not be used if your backdrop is canvas or vinyl and has wood mounting attached to the top width of the backdrop. Single portable backdrop stands are also available for use with smaller sized backdrops, however will require the backdrop to have wood mounting. Portable stands are easy to set up, break down, and transport to just about any location.

Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand  3 Photography Backgrounds hanging on Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand

Hanging Canvas Backdrop on Backdrop Stand                     Hanging Canvas Wood Mounted Backdrop onto Stand


Which Backdrop Stand Should I Choose?

We have several solutions for heavy duty backdrop stands for photographers and event signage. When deciding which stand is best for you, think about the future use and possibility of expanding the size of backdrops you currently use. Each backdrop stand expands to varying widths and heights. Choose from simple yet effective stands or a more complex backdrop hanging system that can hold multiple backdrops. We carry heavy duty stands for large backdrops and some lightweight stand options as well. View our selection of Heavy Duty Backdrop Stands.

Contact us at 1-800-844-5616 for assistance in finding the perfect backdrop stand.

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