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How To Fold A Collapsible Twist Flex Photo Backdrop

Click here to download the Collapsible Photo Backdrop Twist Flex Instructions in .pdf format.

Step 1 Folding Collapsible Backdrop

Step 1

Position one corner of the Twist Flex Photo Backdrop on the floor in front of you 1/2 to 2 feet. Important: Position hands as shown below.

Step 2 Folding Collapsible Backdrop

Step 2

Bend the top corner of the Twist Flex down and away from you.

folding collapsible backdrop step 3

Step 3

Tuck top corner under and towards your body; outside corners will automatically collapse downward, one over the other to form three circles.

folding collapsible backdrop step 4

Step 4

If your folded unit will not fit in the carrying case, adjust all formed circles to the same size.

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