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Questions? Call Us 1-800-844-5616

Questions? Call Us 1-800-844-5616

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Smoldering Hand Painted Photo Backdrop

Smoldering Hand Painted Photo Backdrop

The highest quality photography background is our hand painted Old Master photo backdrop.  Traditionally all backdrops were hand painted on canvas, however we strive to bring you the largest variety of backdrop materials. The Old Masters series can still be hand painted on a thick  canvas material which has multiple mounting options for hanging.  Additionally, you may now also choose to have your background printed on our wrinkle free cloth backdrop material or choose a pop up collapsible Twist Flex in both printed or hand painted.

SKU - OM-2514

Freedom Cloth Backdrop Material: 100% polyester fabric. Truly wrinkle-resistant backdrop exclusive to Denny Mfg. Machine wash and dryer safe. Roll or fold for easy storage. Portable and can be hung using a backdrop stand, magnet wall, clamps, or add grommets across the top and/or bottom.

Canvas Backdrop Material: Printed on our thick, high-quality signature canvas; shipped rolled to avoid creasing. Canvas backdrop mounting options include wood mounting, roll on tube, or have us mount it to a roller system. If you choose top and bottom wood, the top wood has 3 holes pre-drilled for easy hanging on a portable backdrop stand and the bottom wood is rounded; comes complete with Velcro straps. Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Twist-Flex Backdrop Material: Portable, collapsible backdrops that are printed or painted on cloth and bound by a wire frame. These backdrops collapse into a small circular shape for simple transport and storage. Comes with a complimentary carrying case.

Velvet Backdrop Material:Printed on our high-quality, matte, velvet style material, these backdrops offer the most vibrant color rendition. Compact storage and can be washed and dried in household machines. Fold for storage.

Poly Paper Backdrops: Made of a synthetic coated paper. Backdrops are ultra-light, mobile, and vibrant.  We recommend rolling on a cardboard tube for storage to prevent creases. This is the most economical material choice for a photo backdrop. Use clamps for hanging on a crossbar or a low tack painters’ tape to adhere to a wall.

Please Note: We strive for exact measurements with all our backdrops, however, please allow 2-4" for trimming.

Canvas & Vinyl Photo Backdrop Mounting/Finishing Options

Wood Mounting: Includes both top and bottom wood with Velcro straps. Three pre-drilled holes across the top wood for easily hanging on any of our portable backdrop stands. The most popular option for any printed or painted canvas backdrop. This option provides the most protection for your backdrop while in storage.

Top Wood Only: Canvas or Vinyl is sandwiched between two pieces of